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Red Hills Subdivision Real Estate

This is a brand new community! With 5 acres plus potential on each lot, this is the ultimate dream home building potential!!!
This is a brand new community! With 5 acres plus potential on each lot, this is the ultimate dream home building potential!!!





Doud Land Company, LLC

Basic Covenants Outline

Fees: HOA=$100 monthly– water from the city.

Livestock –

                      1. Livestock is allowed if the animals are considered pets and not commercial                                        enterprise livestock.

                      2. All animals must be fenced in or in an adequately sanitary environment

                      3. No owner shall over graze the property.

                      4. All owners are responsible for keeping their livestock and animals on their own                                 property.

Offensive Activity –

                       1. No Obnoxious activity that is considered annoying or a nuisance is                                                       allowed.

                       2. No Snow mobiles, motorcycles, or terrain vehicles shall be allowed upon                                             any lot or roads.

Road repairs – All repairs, snow removal, and maintenance of the common roads through Red Hills Subdivision shall be the responsibility of all Owners, and shall be paid for equally by each owner.

Water Distribution System –

                         1. The Homeowners’ Association owns and maintains the domestic water distribution system within public rights of way easements. Owners shall be responsible for all costs associated connecting to the system, including a tap fee, and for all improvements or repairs within private property.

                          2. The tap fee will be initially set at 2,500.00 and it shall be subject to increase from time to time as may be determined by the Homeowners’ Association.

Water Meters – The Homeowners’ Association shall provide each owner with a water meter upon receiving notification of payment of the tap fee.

Water Usage – Each Owner shall pay a Water Usage Fee as may be determined  by the Homeowners’ Association.

Construction – This is a stick built or modular home (IBC code) community only. The principal dwellings shall have a minimum fully enclosed finished living area devoted to living purposes, exclusive of porches, terraces and garage(s) of 1,500 Square Ft. Lots 70-83 and 86- 104 will be zoned RS and will only allow stick build homes. Lots 1-69, 84 and 85 will be also zoned RS and allow modular homes provided they meet the following criteria:

– The roof pitch will be a minimum of a 5/12 pitch;

– The exterior foundation/skirting will be poured concrete, laid brick, brick or stone. Board skirting of any kind is prohibited.

– Vinyl siding is prohibited.

– The area under raised decks or other exterior platforms must be enclosed.

Building Plans And Approval –

– No building shall be erected or placed on any residential lot until the construction plans, specifications and a plan showing the location of the structure have been approved in writing by the Homeowners’ Association.

– All buildings shall be constructed and maintained in such a fashion and of such materials so  as not to detract from the attractiveness of the area.
Commercial Lease – No part of the residential lots shall be used for manufacturing, mercantile storing, vending or any other commercial business or other non-residential purpose including, but not limited to stores, shops, repairs shops, storage or repair garage, restaurant, dance hall, pipe yard, oil field business, methane business, construction yard, livestock or agricultural enterprise or other public place or amusement.

Hunting – No hunting shall be allowed on any lot.

Sewage – All septic tanks or other sewage disposal systems must be designed, located and constructed in compliance to the Wyoming Public Health Department.

Vehicles – No inoperable vehicles shall be left exposed on any lot in excess of one week.

Rubbish and Trash Collection – Each owner shall be responsible for arranging for private pick up and removal of garbage at least once every two weeks.